Thursday, January 2, 2014


Meditation classes today.......I love to see faces change, and that change is dramatic when someone experiences meditation for the first time and nails it.  Meditation like yoga, is a practice, but achieving what I call the sweet spot can happen on the first attempt......and when it does, it is heaven.

Some of the students are always apprehensive when I announce that we are going to meditate.......for some it is the thought of stillness.....for others, the fear that their thoughts will bombard them.....and today, there were those who were not really sure that they wanted to stay when I announced we were going to meditate. .  

But, both classes enjoyed the meditation process, for those who feared the worst, they were surprised at how painless it was, and for those who were eager to try, they were not disappointed.  I always tell them my personal theory of why I believe that they are in a rehab facility.......they don't know how to relax.....they think they do, with alcohol and/or drugs.....and when true relaxation takes place it is a small miracle in their lives.  The fear of looking inward leaves, the fear of stillness leaves and they begin to experience peace.

There are many ways to meditate and hundreds of books and cd's......the simplest form......sit and breathe.....taking all your awareness to your breath, observing  your thoughts and not dwelling on any one thought......some use a simple mantra such as love or peace.....but just the act of sitting and breathing can have a profound effect on your body and mind.......start with five minutes in the morning
(you can set a timer) and see how it helps your day......not that it will change the bad stuff, but it will change how you react to the bad stuff.

This is a brand new year, instead of beating yourself up because you haven't lost weight or gone to the kind to yourself, sit in stillness and good habit will break the chain, and other good habits will follow......start with kindness to yourself......meditation is the first step.

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  1. I'm really bad at meditation...sitting still is hard and just letting my brain quiet down is harder. If I'm out walking in the woods and sit for a bit to enjoy the quiet and nature..that's about as close as I come to meditating. I'll have to really give your instructions a try and see how it goes. It's funny how fast 5min. goes when I have to get ready for slow it goes when I have to sit it out! But I'll give I a try anyway!