Sunday, January 19, 2014

Orange Beach Sunset

Rick's birthday was last week.....the 15th, the day of my treatment....not a great way or place to spend your birthday.  Friday morning we headed south to Orange Beach, about a five hour drive for us, but well worth it.

It was almost as cold at the beach as it was here at home, but that glorious blue sky, and glowing sun and full moon made the cold much  more bearable.  We only spent a couple of nights, but we walked for hours, stuffed ourselves silly with oysters and shrimp and slept.

We both needed the break, but poor Rick caught a cold.  He says the trip was worth it.
Some days a short get-a-way is the best medicine, at least it was for me.....and Rick says it inspired him to write two new columns.

So here is Friday's sunset at the beach, wish you all could have been there.  Can't wait to go back. I love the beach when it's cold and lonely.


  1. Great photo. Glad you enjoyed it so much

  2. I also love the beach when it's cold and empty! Great photo. Get well wishes to Rick.