Sunday, January 12, 2014


This week is treatment week, so this weekend  as usual before treatment, I hit the wall.
Tonight, I am asking all of you for your help.  If you or anyone you know is in long term
( two years or more) IVIG treatment I would like to hear from you.

I am starting my third year and would like to talk with others who are going through long term treatment.  You can contact me by commenting on this blog or by private message on FB.
Knowing someone else I think, would help me through the rough spots.

Blessings for the new week, we are facing a beautiful full moon this week.......I hope its beauty shines down  on you and fills your heart with joy.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Hugs Jilda. You are in my thoughts and prayers now and all the week ahead especially.

  2. Blessings to You and the Moon that shines down on You is also shining down on me in Australia.
    I don't really understand what IVIG treatment is but I think I can understand most of your feelings. Whilst I don't have a blood disorder or 'bad blood' as I call it to my dearest husband of 48 years. He does. He has had Tcell lymphomia and chemo and radiotherapy.... and whilst this has been clear for 5 years..... these past 6 months have been terrible..... going from one thing to another and everytime we have seem a Medical Person they say ... ummmm you are very interesting reading..... He now has half a spleen, self catheterises and has MPN probably polycythaemia vera..... and they are discussing a treatment.
    so my thoughts and warmest huggies are coming your way. I think I have an idea of how you are feeling.
    love and hugs sheila in Australia

  3. I hope you find the support you need, Jilda. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. My husband has Multiple Myeloma (relapsed after six years progression free with no drugs after an autologous stem cell transplant). With the relapse, one oncologist is recommending IVIg, and another is not. What have you been told about the dangers of this procedure?

  5. I can hear the urgency in your message.
    I know nothing about this disease or treatment but I think that even though you have been a super trouper and have such a positive attitude, you may seek some spiritual support from to put your mind at peace.

    Some spiritual support was so helpful to me when I felt that I was between a rock and a hard wall. I needed to put my trust in a higher power and it change my outlook and I surrendered to Jesus and knew that Jesus would never want to hurt me but he would want to heal me. There was no where else I could go. I had to make my choice and I think that by doing this I got healed because I didn't stressed about the outcome. I just accepted.

    I don't mean to be preaching here, just trying to be of some help because I care.

    I hope someone can help you.