Monday, January 20, 2014

Pass It On

New faces in all my classes today and tonight......I love to see people curious about yoga.
It is wonderful to share the goodness of yoga, how good it makes you feel about your self, your body and how it builds confidence.

I have thought a great deal about Dr. King today......his passion for fairness, his kindness and determination to see change take place with as little violence as possible.  His willingness to sacrifice his life.......he saw hatred up close and personal.  I can't imagine how it must feel to be hated for the color of your skin, yet I know that prejudice is still in our world......whether you be yellow, white, red, brown or black.  If we could only unlearn our culture, if we were only willing to unlearn and see past our fears.

Yoga teaches you to go inward, and I think when we go inward, we see ourselves with more truth, and honesty.  I think we become kinder toward ourselves......and when we treat ourselves kinder, that kindness spreads to others.  At the end of each class, I never see hate in anyone's eyes, I don't hear fear in anyone's voice.......I wish somehow we could keep that sense of peace and goodwill and spread it to our neighbors.

Sending you all blessings tonight, blessings of peace, of kindness, of love......pass it on.

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  1. Thank you, Jilda. I am determined to try and find some yoga classes here this year. Hopefully, this winter!
    I have 11 (going on 12) grandchildren. When my oldest granddaughter was born I bought two baby dolls-one white and one African-American baby. The girls all played with them and one day the youngest one said to me, "Nana, look at the difference in these dolls". I asked- "What's the difference?" "Well", she said, "This one must be a boy because it's fatter". LOL- I love that she noticed THAT and not that they were different colors. xo Diana