Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Man of Value

Today is my younger brother Ricky's birthday.  We have always been close, Rick and I married in May, he and his wife, Deb married in July.......we live next door to each other.
His kids have always had a key to our front door.  Our mom had us after she had had six other kids, who were several years old than us.  We were latch-key kids in the 60's and when I got my driver's license I took Ricky and his friends out, just like I did mine.  I have always been his protector, truly his "big sister."

He is an amazing man, he has had his share of health issues, five by-passes on his heart, lung surgery and he is a diabetic......he still works two jobs.  His grandchildren adore him.
He is Jordan's grandfather, since this past Monday was a holiday Jordan spent the day with us.
I asked him if he knew what special day Wednesday was......yep, he knew it was Papa Ricky's birthday.  He wanted to paint him a card, but he asked me to draw something on first.
He wanted a cake, with candles and the number 60 on top, two smiley faces, and a heart on the inside.  He asked if I would write Happy Birthday, and then he signed his named.
It was beautiful and Papa Ricky' loved it.

This afternoon Ricky's middle son Haven picked up a birthday cake and carried it down to the elementary school where Ricky is a custodian, we went down to share the cake.  The teachers and staff all came to wish him a happy birthday and it seemed like half the kids. He is loved and respected .  On the way home Rick and I talked about a quote that he placed  on his vision is one by Albert Einstein and I think it describes my brother Ricky.

"Try  not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."  - Einstein

I think my brother Ricky is truly a man of value.
Happy Birthday little brother.

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  1. What a sweet tribute! Happy birthday to that special man! I have a brother named Ricky! He's 7yrs younger than me.