Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birthdays and Museums

My friend Kaye says that I am having to do treatments because all of my life I have taken care of others, she thinks the universe is telling it's time to let someone take care of me.
Maybe she is right, I just know that letting someone do for me is difficult.......but it is so very easy for me to take care of others.

I have the sinus gunk, and today it seems to be raging.......though I did take a couple of hours away from the sofa to celebrate Jordan's birthday.  His party was so cool, it was held at the McWayne Science Center in Birmingham, Jordan is turning into quite the science geek so it was the perfect place to celebrate birthday #6.  Though he did inform the young woman who did the animal show, that it wasn't really his birthday, not until the 29.

Today brought back great memories from my childhood, of being in Chicago and going to those wonderful museums there.  We took Sam when she was nine, and as soon as Jordan gets a little older, there will be a road trip for him to Chicago visit the museums and meet some cousins......and even though his mom is now all grown up, I'll bet she might want to go back to the American Girl Place......just to visit.

I hope you all have the weekend you need......get some rest, stay warm and don't forget to laugh out loud.


  1. so sorry you are not feeling good, Hope you soon improve.
    Sorry Kaye but I think its just plain bad luck but Jilda please let them take care of you, when necessary..... its not easy being a carer of an independent loved one.
    I agree laugh out loud hugs sheila downunder

  2. I think your friend may be right Jilda. It's time to take care of YOU. Happy Birthday to Jordan. He's a lucky boy!