Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heads Up

our little neck of the woods is a mess tonight.....all across our area and south, roads are closed, snow is falling and people are stranded on the roads.  I have family and friends who were in Birmingham today, left there at lunch and a normal one hour drive has taken around seven hours.  People are stuck in their offices, kids are spending the night at their schools, the National Guard has been called out.......I know you are thinking, those damn southerners, they can't drive in the snow.

This was a unique and different storm,  usually when we get snow, it is wet and slushy and the ice hits that night.
This came in around eight this morning, dry and powdery and within a half hour, the roads were frozen.....our temps have sat at 19 degrees all day.  The picture is the road that leads to our house around nine this morning.
I see on the news the snow is moving east, for our friends north and east of us, heads up.....this one is a mother.  Stay warm and cozy and safe.


  1. Oh- It is awful for you. At least here we are used to it and have the vehicles to drive in it and the road equipment to take care of it. I was only ever stuck in a storm once in Georgia and it was awful! xo Diana

  2. The ice is the worst... especially when there is black ice... I hope everyone is safe..

  3. I will leave the warm and cosy to you but do stay safe especially on the road at night. originally from England we came off the motor bike on black ice... not nice.
    keep well and safe, hugs sheila in not quite so hot Mulgrave