Monday, June 1, 2020


June 1...hopes, prayers, intentions for a better month than May

June kind,

June safe

June well

Last night I dreamed a humming bird flew into our great room.  This morning after walking the dogs and a bit of gardening I came  in for cold water.  I sat down on the sofa with Taz and sipped my water, but I heard a familiar sound that wasn't familiar in the house.  I looked up and watched a humming bird fly by me.

I quickly jumped up and turned off the ceiling fan and yelled for Rick.   The hummer flew straight to our windows looking for a way out, I could tell he was frightened.  Rick stood on the wooden bench in front of the windows and began to speak softly to the bird.  He settled down on the ledge and let Rick gently caress him in his hands.   I opened the front door, and Rick opened his hands wider, but our friend decided to pose for me before he flew to the feeders out front.  It was a magical spiritual moment for both of us.

Through out my life time, I have had dreams that came true.  Some sad, some bad but never one as uplifting as this one.  For the first time in awhile, I felt hope.