Tuesday, August 1, 2023

August 1, Grief, Peace and Joy

 It's been awhile, please accept my apologies for my disappearance in the blog kingdom.  Spring and summer hit the farm with a vengeance.  It hasn't been the crops, I basically have experienced crop failure due to the weather extremes.  The weather, the rain and the heat has caused a profusion of plant  growth  that has become a battle of me against mother nature and we all know there's no beating mom.

I have worked on my transformation , actually worked very hard
the past few months,letting go  of the anger of loss.  I realized that I could live with the grief but the anger was destroying me and my creativity.  For the first time in three years I feel life coursing through my veins again.  I can see myself as Jilda, no longer Rick and Jilda but a whole entity of Jilda.  This might sound strange to many of you, but those of you who know and have dealt with the loss of part of you will understand.

Finally my heart is open to living .  I am smiling, I can laugh and I see possibilities and I have come to realize that grief and peace and joy can live in the same heart.

The desire to create again is what I am most grateful for.  To understand that it's ok for me to pursue my dreams has broken the chains that had wrapped themselves around my soul. 

I  started this blog long ago to provide transformation information to those who sought and needed it.  I have always been honest with my words knowing that words have power and I would never knowingly abuse that power.  I hope through the years, my words have helped someone.

I won't be writing every day, but I promise I will do my best not to disappear again.  For now, life on the farm goes on, I am teaching a weekly yoga class, I am writing new songs, working on new paintings and smiling every day, laughing and... last night I danced in the moonlight in the backyard with the dogs.

Sending you all wishes for hope, love and joy...can you believe today is the first day of August?

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