Friday, August 7, 2020

Help Me

A few weeks before Rick passed, I started getting random lewd sexual comments on past blog entries.  He thought he had stopped it, but they have continued and are becoming more frequent.
Can any of you help me, tell me what to do or who to contact.
Thanks for any input or advice you can offer.  Rick was the technical wiz,  all I know how to do is write this blog. 


  1. Sadly I cannot help. Setting your comments to be moderated for a while might discourage the festers. It does mean extra work for you since you you will have to approve every comment before it will appear on you blog.
    In theory blogger help could be of assistance, but in practice they rarely do.

  2. Dear Jilda,
    What an awful problem! I'll help as much as I know how to. This is what I did years ago: Go to the left-side margin of your dashboard, find "Settings" --it's between "Theme" and "Reading list". Click on "Settings". Go to its listing of "Posts, Comments and Sharing". Click that. You'll find a choice of several formats: Choose "Comment Moderation" and click "Always".
    Under that is a space for your email --to which comments will be redirected (with no notice to your commenters or disclosure of your email address) for your approval before appearing under your blog post. I hope this helps. I never contacted any help for my somewhat similar annoyance but there is a very active Google Blogger help forum that may be of assistance for this particularly distressing problem

  3. As Geo suggested : get comment moderation!
    I'm always surprised to see blogs without comment moderation.

  4. Ego seems to know which is good because I would not know. How disgusting and I wonder if there was just a phone # somewhere to call this blog place and tell them of this person.

  5. I too would use comment moderation. That way only the comments you choose will show up. Maybe this will make this predator stop. It's rather scary and could be dangerous, if left gone unstopped.