Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

A mostly cloudy day, a cloudy night, but the clouds parted long enough this evening for us to see a few minutes of the lunar eclipse. This year's full moons have just not shown their faces as often we wanted to see them, maybe the next few will not be so shy.

I have spent a great deal of this weekend watching videos for the class that Rick and I are taking.  I have to admit it is interesting but complicated.

As we walked today, there is more color appearing in the trees and there is a coolness in the morning temperatures.  The dogs are loving this changing of the season and so am I.

September is coming to an end this week, October is ready to escort fall in quickly.  There are many fall festivals in our area the next few weeks, local football games and maybe a bonfire or two.
Enjoy your week, the full moon, the arrival of October...time to pick those apples, pumpkins and pears...smell the burning of leaves and cherish those warm afternoons.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. We missed the opportunity for moon gazing here in North Cackalacky due to cloudy weather. I've seen stunning photos, I'm happy you had a break in the clouds, hope Jordan go to peek! xoxo

  2. No moon sightings here due to clouds. I was hoping for a photo op! Our cool down is happening on Wednesday...I'm ready for it!

  3. Would you believe I fell asleep and missed that full moon!