Friday, September 4, 2015

Another Snake

We have had an issue the past week or so with some predator killing our birds.  In the  mornings when we walk, there has been evidence on more than one occasions that a bird has died.  So this afternoon I heard the chickens raising a ruckus, my first thought was an owl or hawk.  I grabbed the Red Rider BB gun we keep by the back door and headed out to the chickens.

I saw Zeus and the hens grouped together, as I approached them, they scattered.  All but Rhodie, who has been on the nest for the past couple of weeks, she was outside her nest making circles.
My worst thought, another snake was correct.  He had one of Rhodies' eggs about six inches down his throat, he was around  five feet long.

I started shooting him with bbs, it made him really mad.  Each time the bb hit him he tried to strike at me and Rhodie.  He started to flee the nest and Rhodie went after him, pecking him with all her heart. I continued to pelt him with bbs...he escaped into the woods.  A few minutes later, Rick arrived home.  He had been to the grocery store.  After I told him the story, he walked around in the woods outside the chicken pen, but the snake had disappeared. He will be back.  They love eggs.

So that was my Friday afternoon.  Now, I fret about Rhodie, this is her second sitting that has been disrupted this summer.  She wants chicks so bad.  She may never leave her nest again. Rick says that maybe between Rhodie's pecking and my bb blasting, Mr. Snake will go someplace else.
I hope so.  But, the trusty Red Rider sits ready to defend Rhodie and her eggs any time.

I hope your Friday afternoon was not as exciting as mine.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

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  1. I do not condone violence in most cases but perhaps a shotgun would do a better job of stopping the snake.