Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Paths, we choose them and walk them every day.  Our choices on which path to take results in the direction our lives take.
For many of us, once we choose our path we are willing to accept the responsibility that comes with out choice.
For our friends and family members who deal with addiction issues, accepting that responsibility is beyond difficult, for some it is impossible.

It is easy to choose the path of least resistance, especially when a path of numbness is one you have chosen.
Life changes when you begin to realize, and accept responsibility for your paths.  The day you accept responsibility for your path, is a true day of freedom.

Some paths we go down without much thought, only to find that at some point, it was the wrong path.  Then and there you have to make the decision to change direction, do what it takes to find your right path.  It is sad, but true, often we find the map after many wrong paths.  The  map is there, we have to be willing to find it and use it.

Every day we make a choice, we decide on a path.  Today I read a profound question, basically it was, " is the life you live today, the one you want to live five years from now."  If it's not, you have to look at your paths, look at your choices and take responsibility for the life you want.  Choose your path wisely.


  1. Taking responsibilty for the path we chose is the only one to lead to true freedom. Great words Jilda ♡