Friday, September 18, 2015

Mum Memories

Even though it was 90 degrees today I planted fall mums.  I have faith.  I know in my heart that cooler weather will come ( and stay) eventually.

Planting those mums brought back memories of my  mom.  When I was about five or six years old she grew those big yellow mums the size of tea cups.  Every fall the local florist would buy the flowers.  The local high school's colors were blue and gold and all the high school girls would wear corsages to the homecoming football game.  A big yellow mum, with a blue pipe cleaner D and shiny blue ribbons,  my mom's flowers made a lot of high school girls happy.

I love the smell of mums, marigolds, any of those flowers in that family.  It is fresh and herbal and the scent is a great natural bug repellent.  I plant them in the spring and fall.  Today, I planted yellow ones ( in memory of my mom) and purple ones ( because purple is my favorite color).

Jordan and I also made home made peanut butter today, yummy!  HoneyCrisp apples and home made peanut butter, the best snack ever.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I love mum too and I have one on my deck that is probably dried up now as I'm away for a week and I forgot to tell my husband to water.

    I only eat natural peanut butter. How cool that you make your own.


  2. I just bought a lovely yellow mum yesterday! I love honeycrisp apples but the ones I got from the orchard last Sat. were not too good...very disappointed! I'll have to try the other orchard across town and see how they measure up! Enjoy the weekend and I hope some cooler weather floats down from Ohio...we're suppose to get storms today that will drop us back into the 60's and then 70's next week.

  3. Apples and peanut butter is a favorite of mine too. My kids all turn up their noses and won't eat them.