Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Jordan and his mom Samantha are at Disney World this week.  He is having a great time, though he has mentioned being very tired a couple of times because his mom scheduled everything.  Having a mom who schedules everything is our fault, we bought her a day planner when she was nine.

We miss them both so much and cannot wait for them to come home Sunday. No matter how much we miss them, their dog Lady, misses them even more.  At night she stays with Sam's mom and dad, but every morning she comes to our house and spends the day.  Samantha comes by our house every day around 5:30 and Lady goes home, except for this week.

Lady sits until dark waiting for Sam and Jordan, she looks down the road and up the road.  Finally my brother Ricky walks over and gets her to go home.
We will all be happy when the kids come home, but I think Lady will be overjoyed. She will probably lick them silly.  I know she will bark and jump like crazy.  For now, she is one lonely Lady, missing her Jordan and Sam.


  1. Lady is a pretty little thing. She will be so happy when her family returns.

  2. Awww...she's a cutie who needs a hug (which I know you'll be doing!) and a treat until her humans return!