Saturday, September 5, 2015

Good Old Days

It was almost 100 degrees today, and we played a fall festival at 2:00 pm.  I can't remember ever playing and my fingers sweating, but they did today. I could barely hold on to the pick.  I figure the heat index was somewhere past miserable.

But, even in the heat we had a grand time.  Our friend Skip went on before us, his shirt looked as though he had just taken it out of the wash, it was so soaked with sweat.  At one time, sweat rolled down into Rick's eyes as we were playing, he lost his concentration just a wee bit.

There is something special about festivals in small communities.  The home cooked cakes, the beautiful quilts and yard art, the fact that everyone says hello to you whether they know you or not.
Kids run around with snow cones and hot dogs, oblivious to the heat or their momma's warnings of watch where you are going.

Today reminded me of when we were in Ireland at a park in Shannon.  There were kids running around playing, without a care.  Parents were around, but the kids knew they were safe and all was right with the world.  That is how those kids were today at the festival, a long weekend, no school on Monday and all was right with the world.

I am sure that no matter where you live, there will be local fall festivals near you in the next few weeks.  Do yourself a favor and go.  Buy something hand made, eat something home made, and enjoy that feeling of community.  While you are there, look around at smiling faces, young and old and know that these are the good old days, those days you will talk about years from now and long for.

Goodnight Sweet dreams.


  1. It is so nice to be able to see children with the freedom to be children. No need to worry about what evil is waiting to grab them. I love it.

  2. Happy long weekend Jilda.
    Seeing kids running free is so beautiful.