Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hanging With Jordan

Jordan spending some time after school at our house, enjoying his games.  The tapestry of him and his mom was my Christmas gift, don't you love it?

Rumors of snow flurries continue to haunt us, we just want to see some flakes!  Jordan thinks we need to do a snow dance, I think he is right.  I know many of you are sick of snow, if we could, we'd gladly take some of yours.  :)  Send it down south! We want snow!


  1. Jilda, you can have all the snow you want that we have, I am not greedy, I will share... :) Apparently we are getting more, I knew January was too nice and that we would pay for it in February... I keep telling myself it is still better than it was last year and that is good :)

  2. Jilda, would you mind moving up North? You could have all the snow you ever dreamed of.

    I love the tapestry of Jordan and his mom.
    My brother had on made for mom of all her children and she was so very proud of it. It was a very large one to accomodate all 17 children and herself.

  3. A snow dance sounds like fun. I did mine. I hope it was with you and Jordan.