Sunday, June 26, 2016

Still Time

The past few weeks we had been slammed, gigs, events, company, seemed every day there was more added to our calendars.  This weekend brought a breather.  We have done chores, spent time with the dogs, and worked on some music.  It has been just what we both needed.

We sat on our deck for a few minutes and listened to the thunder of an approaching summer storm.
The heat wave has been so oppressive the past week, we are hoping for rain and a bit of cooling.

I hope your weekend has given you what you needed.  Maybe you didn't need rest or a slow down, maybe you needed fun and excitement.  There is a balance and in each of our lives we need some of both.

June is quickly coming to an end this week and the holiday weekend is staring us in the face.  Before we blink an eye, the summer will be gone and fall will be here.  2016 is half over, did you just see what I typed?  2016 is half gone.  Have you looked at your vision board or your resolutions from this past January?  There is still time to work on hopes and dreams, but you have to do can't sit around and wish.

My mom and dad use to tell me you had to put feet on your faith and wings on your other words you had to work for those things you wanted, for those dreams you wanted to come true.

Here is hoping your Monday brings good news, great joy and lots of love your way.


  1. Our weekend has been jammed packed as we had our Granddaughter's grad party. It was very nice but I'm bushed and ready for a quiet week! Family will be coming in on Friday and it's balloonfest here in Ashland. Looks like we're in for another busy weekend! Enjoy your week!

  2. Time is flying isn't it? Blink and another month is gone.