Sunday, June 5, 2016


I wish we had smellavision, I wish you could smell my house.  My gardenias are blooming and I admit I have gone a little overboard.  I have vases of them in almost every room.  I love their sweet rich smell, the shiny deep green of their leaves and the perfect alabaster of their petals.
This is my favorite part of summer time, when the gardenias and magnolias bloom.

Because of the intoxicating fragrance, I can make do with the heat and humidity.  I understand why Billie Holliday wore them in her hair.  There is something sensual about their odor, it makes me want to sing the blues too.


  1. Forget smellavision. I want to hear you sing the blues!

  2. Neat entry. Love the smell of gardenias, they were my MIL's favorite flower so naturally my wife points them out and the smell is always alluring. Great picture also. SWEET!

  3. Beautiful photo! Jack's Mom loved them but had a hard time getting them to bloom up here in the North. When Jack was a kiddo he remembers the first time she finally got a blossom. She was so excited. One day she was looking at it and noticed the one and only bloom had been taped on...Jack's younger brother broke it off while playing around it and knew his Mom would be mad so he taped it back on! That's Jack's version anyway! Enjoy your blooms!