Saturday, June 18, 2016


Twenty-five Father's Days have passed without my dad, that seems impossible.  I close my eyes and hear his voice, smell his Old Spice and hear his laugh.  I remember his kindness and wisdom and I miss his hugs.  He was one of those people who whistled while he worked...I would give anything to hear him whistle again.

His nickname was Sharky, most who knew him never knew his given name was Jim.  If I started writing everything he taught me, I would fill pages.  Twenty-five years since I last saw him and I still grieve for him.

Happy Father's Day Sharky!


  1. Fine tribute to your Dad!
    I suppose we never stop grieving for our parents.

  2. He sounds like a man well worthy of 25+ years grieving, Jilda. I would like to have met him.

  3. Diana, he would have adored you.