Sunday, June 12, 2016


I make daily Face Book posts about kindness, I blog about kindness, I write columns about kindness, I teach kindness and I do my best to practice kindness.  It is really not a difficult concept, all major religions teach it ,all variations of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", or treat other people the way you want to be treated.

I am not naive, I know there is hate in the world, even people who say they love others, even though they express profound religious beliefs  they spew hate. It seems we live in a fear driven world.
Our media, newspaper, tvs, radios all bombard us with fear and fear breeds hate.

I wonder what would happen if we shut the televisions and radios down for 24 hours?  What if we spoke nothing but kind words, smiled at everyone we met, and refused to be afraid  for 24 hours?
Do you ever feel like a puppet on a string? Being pulled and manipulated daily by those in power and the media?

Most of us can't even have decent conversations about anything we don't see eye to eye on anymore.
It has become totally black and white, this thing about "if you don't think like me you are wrong"
"if you don't believe like me, you are wrong" .  No wonder so many are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, being numb mades everything fuzzy, being numb makes you not care.

I grew up in a very strict Christian home, every year of my life from age 12 to 18 I read the Bible each year cover to cover, church attendance came before everything...and through all of that, my father taught that love was the most important thing, to love my neighbor, my family, my friends
my country, to love those who were different, even those who didn't love me.  My dad taught me that the words in red in the King James Bible were the words to live by.

Maybe I am getting old, maybe instead of love and kindness the world wants everyone to carry a gun and for all to die fighting each other, hating each other.  Or is that just the world the media wants us to see, the world they want to create?


  1. Unlike you I was not raised in a religious home. But I was taught the Golden Rule. I have read the Bible and many other books about various religions. The main thing is to treat every other living creature with kindness as you say. Most of us feel pain when a tragedy happens even when we are not directly involved. It hurts to learn of someone inflicting injury when there are so many other ways to solve a conflict. Love to you and all who come here. I send you a cyber hug. I hope it helps yu feel better for a moment.

  2. Yesterday wrings us all dry. Such hate. Such evil. Like you, my life followed love and kindness. Now P/C political correctness has squelched speaking out.
    Hold onto love and kindness, your beloved, and God's assurance.
    I weep with you.