Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blazing Star

Our blazing star bloomed out this morning.  It is in the hibiscus family, but my grandmother Mamie always called it blazing star.  I asked her once why she called it a blazing star, she  said it was red, looked like a star and always waited until it was hot as blazes before it bloomed.

I love it, it fills up one side of our flower bed at the back of the deck. Looking at those scarlet blossoms while drinking coffee every morning just makes me happy and grateful.  Mamie always let me pick some flowers when I visited her.  I grew up wanting a yard just like hers, no grass, nothing but stepping stones, paths and flowers.

She had the sweetest smelling roses, yellow and white ones that climbed over a trellis and by her well. Sadly I can't grow roses like she did, my brother Ricky got that talent and he like Mamie lets me pick a few when they bloom.  He grows the old fashioned ones just like her.

The rain missed us again, maybe this weekend the heavens will open up for us.  Until then, the hoses are handy and everything will have to make do with "city water".  My mom use to say, "city water" will keep it alive, but the plants won't thrive without rain.

Tomorrow is hump day and it is rumored that Jordan will be spending the day with us.
Fun and excitement awaits.


  1. Your Mom was so right about the rain and plants. I think I can almost hear my grass sigh and my veggies seem to grow inches overnight after a good rain. We've had a dry summer after that super wet spring. I think we may get some rain on Friday. Hope you have a good rest of the week enjoying those beautiful blooms!

  2. A lovely story. Those are what I love to listen to. It helps to know who we came from.