Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Weather Musings

Monsoonal rains today.  My brother Rick's rain gauge showed over 3 inches.  Our world looks refreshed and alive and suddenly fall color is becoming more vivid.

The dogs have not been happy.  Taz refuses to walk in the rain.  Calliou and Hook walked during some showers but they were not excited.

I have missed seeing the full moon this week, but that's ok.  Getting this rain has been so wonderful.
Our persimmons are ripe, so this weekend Jordan will come over and we will do our winter weather predictions.  He nailed it last year with three snows predicted.  We will see how well he does this year.  If you don't know about the use of persimmon seeds in weather predictions here's the scoop.
You gather up several ripe persimmons from you area.  Cut the seeds open.  In the center of each seed you will see a distinct shape of either spoon, fork or knife.    Spoons represent snow ( shoveling snow)  knife represents cold cutting winds, and fork represents mild.  Will keep you posted.

The official "persimmon lady " who lives in North Carolina got 90 something spoons out of 100 seeds, the rest being knives.  She says that type of forecast has only happened twice since the 60's.
We will wait and see.

Hope your Thursday is a good one.  Be kind, everyone needs it.


  1. I am anxious for Jordan's predictions. He did a good job last year.

  2. Oh my, I hope your fruit has a better prediction for the coming winter.The persimmon lady's sounds like we're in for a rough go of it.

  3. I find the persimmon predictions so interesting. Let hope you'll have snow this winter. Jordan would be very happy.
    Hugs, Julia