Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Waiting for Fall

Last night was a wash.  I have had some sinus stuff for the past week or so.  Our rag weed count is off the charts and  I think the rag weed, the stress of the last few weeks and the packed weekend caught up with me.  As I started to teach my Monday night community class, vertigo hit.  At first it seemed manageable, I took some meds and kept teaching.  By the end of class it was past manageable, Rick helped me to the car and we made it home.  We both were laughing as he helped me get out of the car, me with the nausea and vertigo, he with the gimpy leg.  More meds, darkened room and ginger ale helped me to fall asleep, but I missed my blog entry, so sorry.

I bought a new flag for our arbor ( yes, we live in a cottage, and I have to have flags for each season) so I did get that out over the weekend.  And I decorated the front door.  Even if it doesn't feel like fall, it looks like it at our front door.

I am better tonight.  I taught class today, a very slow easy one.  Tomorrow I see the lung doc for my checkup.  May we all be kind tomorrow, and let's laugh out loud at least once.


  1. Glad you could post today - I thought Rick would post something if there was a problem - and together you both helped each other home yesterday. Your weeks and days have been so full all over the scale - from happy to sad to exhausted to caregiver and ragweed doesn't make breathing easier. Hugs.

  2. Good advice about laughing out loud. They do say a good laugh is good medicine. I hope you are feeling better. Your flag is delightful and very welcoming too! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. An arbor + a cottage + quiet = amazing

    Allergens are striking high here too.