Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dental Excitement

I have never been excited about going to the dentist.  ( sorry to all you dentists out there)  I had nasty experiences with dentists when I was a child and what can I say, my body or mind never forgot.
But about 10 months ago, one of my front teeth broke, it was a crown on a root canal.  Best/worst case scenario I went with an implant.  I have worn a flipper for the past ten months.  It has been a learning experience especially when I sing or teach for several hours.

This morning I was excited.  My implant was ready to be screwed into its permanent home, my mouth.  I got to the dentist office, sat in the chair, not nervous for the first time ever.  My dentist came in and got ready to do the deed.  I heard him take a deep breath, and then he said I am so sorry to disappoint seems the color match was not what it should be.  I am glad my dentist is such a stickler for detail, and in the scheme of things waiting another week is not so bad.

I laughed on the way home.  For the first time in my 66 years of living I was excited about a trip to the dentist office.  Wow.  And you know what, I can't wait until next week.

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  1. What a blessing! Glad you are able to experience something exciting like that. I'm happy for you too!