Saturday, September 29, 2018


I have a silent prayer that I pray daily for my friends and family...let them be healthy and happy.
If you read Rick's column this evening you know we saw the transformation of one of our dearest friends today.   She had buried her husband awhile back and I had spent a great deal of time concerned about her.  She is not the first of my friends to bury a spouse and sadly will not be the last, but I knew she was such an introvert and I was fearful she might go inward and never know happiness again.  Her husband had fought a battle with pancreatic cancer and she fought it with him.

Thankfully the universe works in wonderful ways and someone came into her life and the light within her came back on. They married today on the banks of the Warrior River in front of her house.  Her smile was brighter than the noon day sun.  Her friends and family joined in her smile.  If your world seemed a little brighter today I am sure it was our joy that came your way.

I hope your Saturday has been as good as ours, I pray tonight that all of you be healthy and happy...and may we all be kind.


  1. I love a story that is happy amd full of hope for the future. My best wishes go to the brida and groom.

  2. I too pray for loved ones that they are happy and healthy and safe. Now I need to add may we all be kind. Truly we never know what may happen.