Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Girls

Every morning when I feed and water our chickens I talk to them.  We have five hens, four speckles and red.  I call them "the girls".  They run to the door of the pen when I call to them.  They know I often bring treats.  Today I took them some juicy fresh watermelon.  They love me.  I think they think I might be some sort of god/goddess .

The girls can be prissy and yet really messy, after all they are chickens.  Often I gather a handful of basil and toss to them, they love greens, especially spinach and collard greens.  Anytime I see a worm on my tomato plants I toss him to the girls too.  They get excited about that as well.

This morning as I was getting fresh water for them, the door didn't close and two of the speckles ran for freedom.  Well, actually they just hung out in front of the pen pecking and as soon as Rick and I began to walk towards them they walked into their pen.

The girls are laying now, so we are getting eggs a plenty.  I tried to take pictures of all five of them but red is moody and very bashful.  The speckles on the other hand are camera hogs.

I hope your weekend has been good, for many this is a long holiday weekend.  I am working tomorrow.  May we all have a week filled with kindness.


  1. I loved seeing the pictures of prissy yet messy girls. They do look happy and content for sure. Sorry you have to work on Labor Day, but then they say that work is love made visible. You do a lot of good for others.

  2. How nice to meet your girls. They certainly are "lookers".

  3. Lovely hens! Do you sell any of your eggs?