Wednesday, September 12, 2018

All That is Good Today

Great class this afternoon with the men in our group and afterwards a good meditation class as well.
It has been a long day, but I did get a good report from my pulmonary doc.  The clouds are starting to roll in from the east so it looks as though we will get rain from Florence at some point.

For our friends on the East Coast,  be safe.  Water and wind are nothing to play around with, we get  not only the hurricanes but two tornado seasons as well.  Mother Nature is not a force to take lightly.
Hoping she moves quickly and does not stall out over land.
For now, ya'll be safe and be prepared...higher ground is good.


  1. Good to hear that you got a good report from your doctor and had a good day too. Hope you have a happy Thursday.

  2. Great to receive a goo report from Dr. Enjoy your wkend. Doesn't sound like it is going to be a dry one.