Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cedar Rain

The rain is still falling, at times almost monsoonal but the sound of it tonight is very soothing.
As I walked down to get the morning paper I noticed a big cedar tree that looked like it was covered in diamonds.  Rain drops sparkled on every branch.  I have seen cedars sparkle with ice but not often with rain, it was beautiful.

I hope this day has been a good one.  We have a busy one tomorrow, Rick has a doctor's appointment and I have a dental appointment.  Finally my implant is ready.  Last weekend of September, fill it with kindness, we all need some.


  1. What a beautiful moment in time ! So glad you took the time to snap a picture and share it too. The moments pass us by and some never take the time to appreciate them. I hope your busy day is a good one for both of you and you both have good reports !

  2. Good luck with the implant tomorrow. I bet that you'll be so happy to get this over with. It's been a long time coming... I hear that implants take more care to maintain than natural teethes.