Friday, September 28, 2018


My implant is in place, the flipper is no longer needed.  I am so happy.  There is some tenderness and pain, so worth it. 

We have had a very long day.  First on the agenda was a visit with Rick's orthopedic doc, he got a glowing report.  Then on to our primary care ( at a different hospital, across town) and flu shots, then pick up a few groceries, then to the dentist, then to our local department store to buy a birthday and wedding gift and then by Rick's office, home, a short practice session for our gig next week and now we are in our pj's wondering if it is too early for bed.

Yesterday morning as the rain continued I looked out through our back door and saw a strange sight in one of my pots of blooming moss...small yellow mushrooms peeking through the sides of the strawberry jar.  What a surprise!  I suppose if there is enough rain there will always be a surprise growing somewhere.

Rick has our hot tea ready.  I hope you have had a good day, tomorrow laugh out loud and give someone a hug.

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  1. You certainly did have a full day and I'm hoping it will be a quieter one for you both today.. It's not everyone that has mushrooms growing out of their strawberry jar. Nature never ceases to amaze me.