Sunday, September 23, 2018


We have a few nails that are getting loose on some of the boards on our deck.  Jordan LOVES to whack things, so today he came over and whacked the nails back in to place.  He had a grand time and now those pesky nails are back where they are suppose to be.

Our nephew James ( who is  also the publisher of the paper that Rick writes for) came by today and brought his two youngest daughters, Joy and Zuzu.  Zu is a year old, she is the first child I have been around in many years who does not care for me.  She looks at me as an oddity, something to be observed but not with affection.  Maybe she will grow to like me.  Joy likes me.  She loves that I buy her clothes ( she is 6). Her birthday is next week and I told her this afternoon I would buy her a couple of new outfits for school.  She requested that I buy her favorite colors, purple and blue.
My front door is purple, so are both the bedrooms in our house, now you know why Joy and I bond.

Joy walked in the house today wearing a sparkly unicorn horn on her head.  You gotta love a kid who wears a unicorn horn as part of her ensemble. I love that there have been kids hanging around us today.  Kids help us to see life from a different perspective.  It has been a fun day.

This is the last week of September and a full moon and we had the equinox.  Change in the season and hopefully a change for us, in the weather.  Send September out with kindness and joy, welcome October with the same.
Goodnight,Sweet dreams


  1. You were smart to let Jordan do something useful with his fondness for pounding.

  2. I have a granddaughter who loves the color purple too. How great you have a little girl in your life to shop for. And how nice of your nephew to pound down those nails. Hope your new beginnings bring lots of reasons to celebrate your way !