Monday, October 21, 2013

People Who Came Before Us

"We're all ghosts.  We all carry, inside us, people who came before us."  -  Liam Callanan

As I taught class today,  I talked about who we are, that we are a composite of all of those who came before us.  Our DNA is that of our ancestors from a thousand years ago, our bone, blood, maybe even our thoughts and memories of all of those who came before us.

We talked about how tough life can be, but if we remember that we carry that DNA within us, of all of those who came before.......we can be strong, we can face whatever we need to face.  It is quite staggering is it not?  To think of all of those who came before us, to think of who and where we came from.....and what we can become.


  1. I always get something from your posts, Thanks !

  2. I think that's what makes genealogy fun..finding the people that make us complete. Spending time with your elders...or Yayas! important to really know where you come from. We know where the bodies are buried! Ha!