Sunday, October 6, 2013

How You React

Disappointments are never easy........Rick and I had waited nervously for the past couple of weeks ........we had submitted to The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, along with several of our friends.
They had received their polite "no thanks" a few weeks ago, so we were hoping, praying that we had made the cut.
I checked the site tonight to see what was going on.........the postings were up.......Rick and Jilda Watson were not on the play lists.  I suppose somewhere we fell through the cracks, our "no thanks" must have been lost in cyberspace.

As a songwriter, you should get use to rejection, but you never do........and once again the teacher must practice what she teaches.  It's not what life throws at's how you react to it.   So, I tell myself to keep gratitude in my heart......we made it to Kentuck this year (after submitting three years in a row.)
Singer songwriter venues are not that plentiful, especially in our neck of the woods and you never want to wear out your you politely seek those venues, hope you get asked back, work like crazy on your music......and remind yourself daily, you do it for the must, I must.......I have been doing it most of my life and I can't stop.

It doesn't help to cry or whine, but a small pity party will take away the sting.  Tomorrow morning, we'll get up and practice for the next gig......our cd will be here by the weekend.  I remind's not what life throws at's how you react.


  1. So true, Jilda.
    I go through similar experiences when I submit to literary journals and anthologies...

  2. I grew up with my Mother whispering that in my ear. Words to live by for sure. Silver linings are always there in the empty spaces...big hugs and hope you are feeling well!