Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not What You Expect

We played for a community benefit today, it was held in a small humble church much like the one my family attended when I was a child.  Sitting there in those serene surroundings brought back many memories.  It was a small group, and it was obvious, it was not a wealthy congregation......but what I noticed from the moment we walked in,  how loving and friendly every person was.  There was quite an age span from toddlers to  what appeared to be great-grandparents and all ages in between.  It was not the biggest crowd, we have ever played, but they were attentive and appreciative.   Playing these gigs like this one today, is not very be honest, most of the people there could not afford a $10 CD, but performing for them was extremely satisfying.  We try to pick and choose our gigs, but it's interesting sometimes......the ones you are so up for, don't always meet your expectations......and then there are those like the one today......
in your heart, you know you did the right thing......and you get way more than what you expected.
Wishing you all, a Sunday of peace, filled with grace and hopefully some laughter.

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