Sunday, August 18, 2013

Harvest Lessons has not been the most plentiful or beautiful this year.......but the tomatoes have been yummy.
We had dinner with friends tonight, their crops have been erratic also.  You learn to plant what you love, so if you have a bumper crop, you enjoy it and if not so much, then you appreciate it.

Maybe that is how life is for most of us, when life is full and happy and good, we enjoy it.  When things are not so good, we remember and appreciate when it was.

I love is a great teacher and valuable skill.
Knowing that you can grow your own food gives a special sense of accomplishment and confidence.  Once you understand the growing of food, you appreciate what you put in your mouth forever.

Even if you live in the city, sometime plant a tomato in a flower pot, set it in a sunny spot and water and care for it.  I promise, it will be the best tomato you have ever eaten.


  1. Oh, yes, Jilda. I agree with you. Growing our own vegetables is a rewarding experience...

  2. We did raised beds this year and even though we planted late, the harvest is coming on pretty good right now. I can always find lessons in the garden...reaping what you this weekend I "sowed" a chocolate cake in the oven and now today I'm reaping the bounty on my hips...yep, always good lessons!