Monday, August 12, 2013

A Taste of Confidence

I wish I could bottle confidence........for myself and so many others.  I wish I could take a sip everyday and then face the world fearlessly......I wish we all could.  If it were that easy......if only it were that easy.
Every day I teach brilliant students.......people who have the ability to change the world, to lead, to teach,
to truly make a difference.  Very few have even a tiny inkling of their talents and abilities.

What is it about our society that robs us of our confidence?  What steals  our belief in ourselves?  The answer I believe......we do.  We steal  and rob from each other.  Every time we judge, we belittle, we hate,
........we steal someone's confidence and belief in them selves. We can demoralize someone by a look, and words can destroy faith, hope, love and joy in a matter of seconds.  How long does/will it take for all of us to understand that.

Often we push to do better, do better and yet we never acknowledge what we have already gone......we don't celebrate our accomplishments, the goals we reach......we just keep pushing.  It is important to celebrate our achievements, to be grateful for what we have done......and then strive to go further.
That builds confidence.

We are all connected, in this vast universe.......we all strive for the same, security, food, home
education.  We all in some way, want to be recognized.......we have to acknowledge the incredible work and achievements that each of us has done......we really do have to pat each other on the back. What we accomplish may not make much sense to our neighbor, but it might mean the world to us......high fives all around please.

Tomorrow, give someone a taste of confidence......a pat on the back, an acknowledgement. or just a simple
"good job".  Let's pass it on.  

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