Wednesday, June 3, 2020

We Are Fortunate

We had our house call visit from our health provider today.  Because of Covid 19 it was a distance visit with face time.  The nurse practitioner was kind and professional.  What always strikes me about these visits whether they are in person or not are the questions that are asked toward the end of the visit.  Some of the questions, " are you afraid, are you depressed, do you have enough to eat, do you have a way to get to the doctor, can you get your meds, do you feel lonely, are you sad"?
Rick and I have talked about these questions each time after the visit.  We know there are people who answer yes to those pertaining to fear, depression, loneliness and being sad, there are people who answer no to not enough to eat, no way to get to a doctor or get meds.
Each time we realized how fortunate we are.  Life is hard for every one at some point, life is hard for some all the time.  I was taught to be my brother's keeper, so was Rick.  We are fortunate.  Not rich, but fortunate .  The thing we learned, there is always enough when you share.

Today the old lady bloomed.  She is a bleeding heart from my grandmother Mamie passed on to my mom and then me.  She's around fifty years old.  She looks good for an old broad.


  1. It's good to be able to share when you have more than enough. I always have been fortunate too That bleeding heart is beautiful and fits into your post just perfect for today.

  2. Love the bleeding heart and this post I think it is good you are asked those questions regularly because we all need to be asked them and be trueful about the answers.