Friday, June 19, 2020

A Dog and Butterfly Story

This evening I was waiting for Samantha and Jordan to come over for a visit.  Hook and Kodak and I were sitting on the steps of the deck.  I noticed this beautiful yellow butterfly on our butterfly bush.
I grabbed my phone and took a couple of pictures.  The butterfly was not shy nor in a hurry to leave the flowers.
The kids got there and Rick came out to join us.  Sam went down to see the chickens.  Rick, Jordan, Hook and I were on the steps of the deck.  Hook spied the butterfly. He bounded off the steps, that is not unusual he loves to chase butterflies.
This was different, this butterfly seemed to be rather confident and coy.  Hook was aggressive, and the next thing we saw, Hook had opened his mouth and the butterfly was gone.
It was in Hook's mouth and he was making his usual swallowing something tasty sounds.
We were a bit freaked.  Hook nonchalantly walked up the steps and sat down on the deck.
Suddenly his mouth opened wide, and the butterfly flew out of his mouth and up into a tree.  Unbelievable...we laughed, we clapped, we were astounded.


  1. I would not have believed this story had I not seen it with my own eyes. I wish I had videotaped the episode.

  2. That's so funny! Glad the butterfly lived and Hook thought he had a snack!

  3. Oh my what a surprise that the butterfly got away. What a happy ending to your story.

  4. I wonder how Hook would react to a katy-did buzzing in his mouth.