Sunday, June 14, 2020

Creative Battles

The tables and chairs are back on the deck.  It was late this evening when we got them placed, so I will do pictures tomorrow.  I wish I had done before and afters.  It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.  They look brand new. 

I love painting.  Every type of painting.  Painting for me is meditative.  When I paint my Christmas cards each year, it brings me joy, painting walls, floor cloths, canvas, doors, furniture, it all brings me joy.  It is transformative for me and what ever I am applying paint on.  I have friends who are fine artists, their work is shown in galleries and museums and I am awestruck by their creative work.
I don't think anyone would ever call mine fine art but it gives me great pleasure so it's art.  I must say painting and playing music takes me to a place of pure bliss, but often I find myself doing everything but painting and music.   I think a friend might have helped me change that this week. 

She sent Rick and I a fabulous book this week, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  Oh my, she knows us so well.  It's about winning your inner creative battles.  If you struggle with allowing your creative side to shine, do yourself a favor and get this book.  If you find yourself procrastinating about anything, get this book.  I am about half way through and it has been an eye opener.

Tomorrow starts a brand new week and we are half way through June.  Be kind, be grateful. Find your creative outlet and explore it.


  1. When I was at my sister's house she had a pair of metal chairs that would match your table! Hers need paint too. I enjoy painting things but can't paint pictures like you do. My kids tell people I can't resist a can of spray paint and will paint anything that's not moving!

    1. I use to love to use spray paint but my hands have some issues now and rollers and brushes are easier for me.

  2. I'll definitely check out that book. I'm procrastinating a lot and need a little push to get my creative self moving. Hope you have a great new week. Happy Monday!

  3. I can't paint, don't think I ever could