Tuesday, October 8, 2019

At Last

A wonderful fall day.  Our walk this morning was cool and crisp, this afternoon hit a high of 74 degrees.  At last.

The dogs enjoyed the walk this morning as much as we humans did.  For the first time in months they didn't pant when we got home and neither did we.

The change in the weather inspired me to cook chicken and dumplings.  Jordan came by after swim practice this evening and was beside himself to know he would be having chicken and dumplings for dinner.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, this week is flying by.  May you enjoy kindness and may you extend that kindness to others.


  1. So glad you are finally enjoying some cooler weather. It does make such a difference. Your Chicken and dumplings sounds like a wonderful fall meal. Jordan is one lucky boy !

  2. The meal sounds delicious.
    I'm glad the weather is cooler for you, finally.
    Hugs, Julia