Sunday, December 2, 2018


My siblings celebrated the holidays with lunch today.  Since our mom died, we meet every year on the first Sunday in December and have lunch at my sister Pat's house.  We no longer try to get the whole family together, there are so many grands, great-grands and great,great, grands it is impossible.
Even one brother and his spouse couldn't make it today.  But I am always thrilled and grateful for whoever makes it.

I realized today that my some of my siblings are in their 80's.  Where has the time gone? and how did we age so quickly?  But there was good food and laughter and hugs and that is all that mattered.
December is here and I can already hear the grains of sand tumbling through the hour glass.

Enjoy your week, be kind.  Front row, my brother Lynn, sister Nell and Pat.  Back row, Lynn's wife Gwyn, my brother Ricky, me and Ricky's wife Deb.  Of course my Rick took the photo.


  1. What a wonderful family. I only had 2 sisters and one of them passed away almost 2 years ago now. You are blessed to have so many.

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