Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks in the Rain

Rain and fireworks, interesting combination.......Calliou the collie, is so freaked, Rick found him in the shower.  I wish we had some doggie downers. :)
The monsoons continue, I am glad we live in the foothills and not the valleys.
I have thought of friends today and of holidays past.......huge celebrations, intimate gatherings, everywhere from Colorado to the Panhandle of Florida.......from snowflakes to sweltering 100 degrees.
I have thought of past students today, hoping that not only have they celebrated this day, but are still celebrating their lives.  What is it about holidays that bring remembrances?  Holidays and special occasions
are the threads that hold the tapestries of our lives together......the glitter and sparkle of good times, family and friends.
I am grateful tonight for so many live here in this country (even with all its flaws) for friends and family  and the love they have given me, for the opportunities to celebrate......and for fireworks in the rain.
Wishing you all
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. My dog got vet-approved benedryl tonight and a couple years ago did have a prescription for doggie Valium after he refused to go outside the house on July 5th after all the boomers. Please give Calliou's get a call tomorrow so he doesn't have to suffer, poor baby.

  2. Oops - it was doggie Ativan, just so you know it's available.

  3. It's good that there not fireworks more often, the poor dog.
    I'm glad that you had family to celebrate with.