Saturday, October 15, 2016

Just A Moment

Our gig was awesome today.  Beautiful weather, good audience and we had a great lunch with our friend Ann.  When we arrived home, I walked down to our mailbox and picked up the mail and our daily paper.  It must be my age, but I look at the obits first.  Sadly one of our neighbors had passed away yesterday, she was 94.  So we unloaded the car, freshened up a bit, watched the last quarter of the Alabama game and went down to the local funeral home to pay our respects to her family.

Another nice thing about small towns, when you die, people come to let your family know they are there for you.  I saw her great grandsons who were born not long after we built our house and now they have children.  I saw friends from high school and other neighbors... we joked, rather sadly that we seldom see each other, except when someone dies.

Life does get away from you, I figure if I live to be 94 it will all seem like a moment.  At 64 it all seems like a moment.  We have to enjoy, love and experience all we can, because it really is just a moment.

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