Saturday, August 11, 2012

To Anyone At Dell Computers

I hope that someone connected to Dell Computers happens to see this least once a week as I am typing on this Dell which I own, my blog leaves this universe, and cannot be found.
Words that I have poured my heart into, are gone forever..........tonight I was writing about kindness, three paragraphs into my blog......all was lost......not to be found anywhere.

I am really struggling at this point to think of anything kind about Dell.......
All I can say tonight, as soon as I have the funds.......Apple will be my tool for writing.
I know I am not the only person who has these issues with Dell........
But I will not have them much longer, to those of you at Dell, if anyone out there is reading or listening or even cares......shame on you, for making such a shoddy product.


  1. That would be so upsetting! I own a Dell laptop and have never had any trouble; I'm sorry that you have. I have heard Apples are the best.

  2. I would be so upset also. It's hard enough to get a post completed, but to have it wiped out would make me mad. You need to forward this to Dell and if I ever get a laptop I know who's not getting my business!

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  4. Get a Mac! Seriously! They cost more but they are worth every single penny.