Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day One, First visit to blogworld

So, why am I writing a blog? Rick (my husband) has hounded me for months, who knows why I gave in today!!!!!!! Maybe my thoughts will somehow entertain or touch some of you.
I have a great life. I live on a small farm, am a singer/songwriter, yoga teacher at a drug/alcohol rehab center, am an artist and jewelry maker. Most days I am like so many of you, I try to do it all, and many times, just like you all I don't feel as if I have accomplished much of nothing.
But, there are those moments when the sun shines bright, and the stars twinkle in the sky and I think maybe, just maybe I am on the right path! I am not ancient but I am no chicken spring either. I will share my musings with you, I will be as honest as I know how, and maybe all of us together can transform and share..... more to come tomorrow.


  1. Hi Jilda,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, Rick had a wonderful idea. I loved reading his book too, it's as if I had a vistor from home sharing stories. I finished the book the day I received it. So many of them I could relate to, one was "Skipping School". I was caught by Mr. Gant leaving my 7th period class. I left with a friend who's mother came to pick her up, I thought I would go too. Mr. Gant saw me getting into the car, but my thought at the time was, he would forget it by the next day. HE DIDN'T FORGET, in fact, he met me at the front door of the school and greeted me as he did everyone entering the school, but this time was different, he ask me to come to the office at 7th period. I went wondering what he could possibly want, surely it had nothing to do with me skipping school the day before, IT WAS. Mr. Gant, with a smiling face told me to write 1000 sentences, I WILL NOT SKIP MY 7th PERIOD CLASS OR ANY OTHER CLASS, he informed me he would check neatness, numbering, and each sentence that no word would be left out. This was on a Friday and it took me all weekend to write those sentences, I wrote each one not leaving out one word or number. Mr. Gant was there that Monday morning greeting students and as I approach, he said, "Miss Denise, do you have something for me this morning" I handed him all my hand written sentences ready for him to check each number and sentence. He ask me about how my weekend was, then in front of me he tore each paper up without even taking one look at them, needless to say, I was in shock. I never skip school again. I loved and respect Mr. Gant, he was like a shepard looking over his sheep. He loved and cared about each student at Dora High School.
    I would love to hear you and Rick sing next time I come home to Alabama

  2. Great new blog! I've got it bookmarked, and will be checking in regularly.