Tuesday, April 27, 2010

brain is fried

I babysat Jordan today, our great nephew who is 2. Now I understand why old folks do not have children! He is a wonderful child, and we had a large time. He climbed his first tree, helped me
feed the chickens, feed the birds, feed the dogs, we planted flowers, and he learned to identify a pine tree, an oak tree and a poplar tree. We also played ball, played the piano, cleaned his room, read, drew pictures, went to McDonalds, went to the park..........he also learned to go in and out of our dog door. He does everything with wonder and amazement, with joy and determination. I kept looking at him thinking this is how every day should be, and adventure!!!!! It seems like yesterday when he was born, it also seems like yesterday when his mom, Samantha was only two and she was climbing the "magic tree" for the first time. One of my greatest fears is that when I leave this life, my family and friends forget their memories of me, I know he is only two and he may forget this day but I will remember it for a long long time.

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